14 Ways To Get Pregnant With Twins That No Doctor Told You

Becoming a mother is one of the most beautiful feelings that a woman can experience in her life. Every woman desires to give birth to a healthy baby. It is such an overwhelming experience for mothers which just can’t be expressed in words. Thriving through pregnancy and to hold your new born baby in your loving arms, is a miracle of life that God reserved specially for women. Moreover, conceiving twins is like a cherry on the cake.

It’s lovely to give birth to lookalikes (identical) or even fraternal twins. While there are artificial treatments such as ‘In Vitro Fertilization’ (IVF), there also are some dietary changes and natural ways to conceive twins. And, it is always best to adopt the natural methods, right! Because we wouldn’t want to over exert our bodies.

So, here at WittyFeed, we present you with the tips where you can have the pleasure of bearing twins.

Check out the following 14 ways to get pregnant with twins.

Cassava (African sweet potato).
Getting pregnant with twins
The roots of Cassava plant are considered to release GnRH hormone, which makes the brain think that there is insufficient oestrogen. In response to this, gonadotropin is released which results in increased ovulation rate. It does not have any side-effects and can raise the chances of twins by 50%, if not then it is always good for fertility.

Dairy products.
Getting pregnant with twins
Insulin-like growth factor (IGF) has been found in cows for increased twinning rate, and those women who consume dairy products have five times higher chance for multiple pregnancies as an effect of ovarian stimulation.

Getting pregnant with twins
Women who are breastfeeding have ten times higher chance of conceiving twins because Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) overshoot as periods come back in cycle and calcium levels are down because of lactation.

Birth control pills.
Getting pregnant with twins
Getting pregnant right after stopping birth control pills makes the ovaries super-ovulate and in the process release more than one egg in a cycle. This increases the potential for conceiving fraternal twins not identical because two separate eggs fertilize from two separate sperms as a result of stopping the consumption of contraceptive pills.
Note: Take your gynecologist’s advice before taking birth prevention pill.

Folic acid.
Getting pregnant with twins
According to research done in Sweden, taking folic acid supplements will increase the chances of conceiving twins.

Getting pregnant with twins
This is the most natural way to increase your chances of having twins. The more kids you have, the more potential you’ll have in conceiving twins one day.

Family history.
Getting pregnant with twins
It is about having a family history of twins. Having non-identical twins on your mother’s side increases the chances of your hyperovulation and conceiving twins. It is because the specific gene responsible for ovulation pattern might be carried by you too, as per the scientists.


Getting pregnant with twins
When a woman’s ovaries release a mature egg, after fertilizing with the partner’s sperm a beautiful baby is conceived. When more than one egg is released in the ovulatory cycle, then it is hyperovulation which can be administered from the position of one’s cervix or cervical discharge.

Being obese or over-weight.
Getting pregnant with twins
A woman who is overweight or obese is more likely to get fraternal twins, not identical twins, as per a Swedish study.

Getting pregnant with twins
The release of more than one egg leads to twin pregnancies and yam is one of the edibles, which can be consumed in order to achieve the former.

Maca root.
Getting pregnant with twins
A research shows that when Maca was consumed by females, multiple egg follicle maturation was observed. It is not only important for ovulation but also increases fertility, balances a woman’s hormones and prevents menopause and menstruation.

After crossing the age of 30 years.
Getting pregnant with twins
Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) is responsible for the development of eggs before released from the ovaries. Higher levels of FSH is needed in older women since more stimulation is required for the same than younger women. And, sometimes the follicles will overreact resulting in the release of two or more eggs at a time.

Pineapple core.
Getting pregnant with twins
With a high composition of bromelain in a pineapple core, it can often help with twins anecdotally. It helps in ovulation. Since it is also often connected with contractions and miscarriage.

Getting pregnant with twins
The In vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure involves removing the egg and sperm from the woman and man’s body before it fertilizes and incubating on a laboratory dish where the embryo is formed. More than one embryos can be put in the uterus with the hope that the implant will grow and will turn out to be twins.


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