8 Cheaters Who Got Caught And Received Instant Karma

They don’t call it karma for nothing! These eight people got some Beyonce kind of revenge on a bunch of cheaters. Some were cheated on and others were caught in the middle of a sticky situation. These cheaters weren’t just caught, they were caught and then left to dry as their transgressions put them on blast in truly creative ways.

One of the best “gotcha” moments happens on slide 6, but you’ll have to read along for that one.

8. Calling All Target Shoppers

This woman’s ex must have been in a rush because his mistresses’ lingerie was found in between the bed and the headboard. Jessica immediately took to Facebook and put a photo up of the black lace set, including the size and the store where the girl got it from. We wonder if she ever found the rightful owner?

7. Just Lift Up The Lid

Sometimes you just have to help a fellow bro out. After spending the night with a girl, this guy found out that she was already taken. Instead of being wracked with guilt, he wrote a note to the boyfriend in the place only a man would find it. When he lifts up the lid, he’ll find an awful surprise.

6. A Different Kind Of Scarlet Letter

Just a heads up! If you’re going to cheat on someone, don’t be stupid about it. This guy got what he deserved after he left his Facebook open and received a surprise message from his mistress. The girlfriend’s response? An epic letter detailing a treasure hunt for his belongings.

5. A Woman Outs Herself And The Cheater

There are dumb cheaters and then there’s this woman who decided to out herself and the person she was cheating with on Facebook. Since she decided to purposefully make her post public, someone was able to track the guy down with the details she gave, and the rest is history.

4. Airing Out The Evidence

This person decided to not confront his wife about a wild night out. Instead, he decided to let the “evidence” of her cheating speak for itself. We really have no words for this one. If you’re drunk and decide to mack on someone at the club (and have on sexy lace underwear without your significant other present, to boot) then you kind of deserve this kind of outing.

3. A Bucket Of Poop

We’ve heard of people lighting their ex’s clothes on fire after being cheated on. There’s even a song about destroying someone’s car after some infidelity. But this right here? This is another level to the scorned lover. Not only did the person break the window of the car, but that bucket of poop will never come out of those leather seats.

2. Neighborhood Watch Done Right

Talk about neighborhood watch done right! This man decided to put the person his wife was cheating with on blast. How did he do that, you ask? He typed up a letter addressing all of his neighbors asking, “do you know who you live near?” and proceeded to give out the guy’s number, car model, and stats.

1. Don’t Piss Off The Tattoo Artist

A tattoo artist decided to get back at his ex-girlfriend after she cheated on him by putting his artwork into it. The artist is currently being sued by his ex after he tattooed a steaming pile of poop on her back instead of the scene of Narnia he was originally supposed to tat.

Protip? Don’t piss off the tattoo artist.

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Ref: http://funbookhub.com

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