Despacito Hacked And Deleted: Famous Youtube Channels Hacked By Palestinian Hackers

Several years ago Mark Zuckerberg hacked his university’s network Connection broke into its security. He pocked his nose in the Administration board and proved his knowledge and skills excelled. Today someone stood up and thought to follow the footsteps of Mark.

Not an ordinary person’s account to prove their knowledge but they kicked some real profiles this time.

Image Source: Youtube/drei


Image Source: Youtube/ChrisBrownVEVO

Among all the sites, Vevo stood out in authenticity and security but The group who are a bunch of some ill skilled hackers calls themselves Prosox, proved that the security is not that secure after all.

Image Source: Youtube

They succeeded in hacking many celebrities’ Vevo channels. Also, claim they have hacked many other sources before pointing out the deep holes in it.

Including many other famous celebrities, we have Luis Fosi the most handsome yet amazing singer whose song “Despacito” is an evergreen hit in the blockbusters. It also appears to have been hacked and then deleted from the account which is Hacked.


Image Source: Twitter/Gianluca Varisco

The video in itself was an aiming guide towards great success in just a few days after its release, hitting more than 5bn videos, and guess what? It just got HACKED!

Image Source: Twitter/Drama Industry

The video apparently has many figures with masked faces aiming at the camera and the audience, pointing out the hacking of Youtube channels quite easily.

Image Source: Youtube/DrakeVEVO

The accounts are still hacked and haven’t retrieved yet. Including the famous modes, we have our very own Shakira

Image Source: Youtube/SaleenaGomezVEVO
Image Source: Youtube/Katy Perry
Image Source: Youtube/ShakiraVEVO

Chris Brown, Post Malone, Saleena Gomez and many other most loving singers.

Image Source: Youtube/DrakeVEVO

It’s just not clear yet why the accounts have been hacked,

Image Source: Youtube/ChrisBrownVEVO

is it just a rank or a way to gain some attention or the weirdest way of showing the skills the group has got.OR they clearly had something to do with Palestine?

Wondering the reason, here is what they had to do:

Image Source: Youtube/ShakiraVEVO

Don’t judge me I love YouTube,”

That’s all they’ve got to say.


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