Survivors of the Florida school shooting now have a mandatory ‘clear backpack’ policy and students are rebelling against it with the funniest memes

The Florida shooting survivors reacted in the most humorous way after being forced to follow the mandatory policy of ‘clear backpack’ to school in Parkland.

Students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are now told to bring in clear backpacks. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
Students are making fun of the policy. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
Memes and signs are being pasted into the clear backpacks. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students returned from their Spring Break and encountered one of the craziest security measures. The survivors of the Florida shooting were forced to bring in a ‘clear backpack’ to school.

The students called this as a clear sign of an invasion of privacy, yet, reacted to the policy hilariously. They brought in signs, memes, a bra, menstrual pads and even live fish and condoms in their ‘clear’ backpacks.

An Instagram account by the name of Invisible Backpack Edition was created where ‘angry’ students of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School trolled the policy and posted pictures of their ‘clear backpack clapbacks’.

One student, Zack Walls, creatively turned his backpack into an aquarium and posted a live video of the fish swimming around on social media.

One student decorated his bag with a SpongeBob meme which said, ‘ravioli-ravioli, give us the gun controli’ instead of the famous ‘ravioli-ravioli, give me the formuoli.’

Meanwhile, another student showed a conversation between SpongeBob and Patrick, where he compared ‘clear backpack’ to stupidity.

SpongeBob memes were added to the bags. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
Students called the idea of having clear backpacks as stupid. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
A bag showed the famous ‘Chum Bucket’ from SpongeBob Squarepants. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)

One student asked, “So when are our clear school uniforms coming in?”

Fans from Europe commented on the picture and said, “Please someone put nudes and Playboy magazines in your backpack, I’d be thrilled to hear about those teachers reactions…lots of support and thoughts here from Europe!”

The theory and backlash against the campaign of students looking for stricter gun control were also mocked when a student wrote on his bag ‘Crisis Actor #420’.

Students called this policy an invasion of privacy. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
Many puns were also added by the students on their bags. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)

The Instagram account was created by A.J. Cardenas, a freshman at the Florida International University. It now has more than 8,400 followers.

A.J. has juniors and friends who study at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. While talking to Miami New Times, he said, “Of course we’re taking shots at it, making jokes, and all that, because we can’t really take clear bookbags seriously.”

He also added that amidst all trolls and memes; a serious message is what needs to be highlighted. He said, “I guess that’s just one of the characteristics of students: We can add a little bit of snarky humour to all of this, but the message is ‘Listen, let’s get real.” 

The picture on Instagram captioned ‘Honesty is the best policy’. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
(Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)

A 16-year-old sophomore, Rachel Padnis, told Bored Panda“Personally, I think that clear backpacks aren’t that big of a hassle. If it even makes one person at my school feel safer, I am willing to make that sacrifice. It’s actually pretty funny to walk through the hallways and see all the jokes everyone has written on them.”

She further added, Although there are a whole bunch of complaints about them and I am feeling like my privacy has been taken away, I think they have brought a lot of real laughter back to my school which was missing for a while.”

Rachel still feels that such a policy will not stop any student to bring in guns or drugs to school since students usually go in unchecked. She said, “I see many students with lunchboxes in their backpacks that go unchecked as well as zipper pouches which seems to defeat the intended purpose and the police presence has gone down significantly.” 


Condoms were shown by the students. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
People demaned that Playboy magazines be put in the bags to mock the system and their policy. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)
Students questioned when their ‘clear uniforms’ were coming in. (Image source: Instagram/msdcamo2)

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida was the target of one of the worst school shooting in the history of United States.


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